What’s the stupidest thing you used to believe whole-heartedly?

I am truly ashamed of this. My only excuse is that I had a very conservative religious upbringing. I am very sorry that I ever believed this.

The stupidest thing I ever believed whole-heartedly was that homosexuality, and homosexuals by extension, was an abomination. I remember one day when a Forest Service coworker and I were driving home from the woods and he was trying to rationalize with me about my religion. He asked me what the JWs believed about homosexuality, and I told him that they were sinners, and that if I saw two men walking down the street holding hands, I would cross to the other side in disgust. So what changed?

Well, after I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I realized that I had to basically develop my personal beliefs from square one. No one was hanging over my shoulder, and so I could rely on personal observation and start to believe what actually felt true. Within a few months of leaving the religion, I rented an apartment with my then best friend and a friend of hers who had actually been a guy she’d dated briefly. My BF, Jenny*, worked for a large grocery store chain and started spending a lot of time with Tonya, the manager of the produce department.

Jenny made no secret of the fact that Tonya was a lesbian. Like I said, I was without a doctrine and just went with the flow. Over the next month or so, Jenny stopped sleeping at our apartment. Eventually, our other room-mate and I asked her if she was coming back, and she said she and Tonya were together and were moving in with each other. Because she was my best friend, I wanted her to be happy and I saw that Tonya was a good person. So I let go of the prejudice I’d had.

I think it really was that simple (and that hard). I had to have the slate cleared of what I’d been told by those “Christians” who’d taught me, and I saw that gay people were…people. Just folks. Who they loved wasn’t an issue. It really didn’t matter. Eventually, I evolved my current belief that the world needs more love, and it’s beyond ludicrous to say that a form of love is not acceptable.

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    Mouse said:

    Nov. 17, 2012

    …and that is how change happens. Good for you for deciding to make up your own mind about people!

    Mine isn’t as profound, but still rediculous. When I was a kid, I believed I was related to Paul Bunyan. It’s stupid, really. I come from kind-of tall people. Once, when I was a kid, I asked my Grandpa why everyone in our family was so tall. He said it was because we are related to Paul Bunyan. I believed him. I thought Paul Bunyan was real. Like Santa Clause, I suppose, except that I think I believed in PB, and that we were related to him far longer than was age-appropriate. Whoops.

    jj said:

    Nov. 17, 2012

    When I was little, I heard someone say, so-and-so slept together and now she is pregnant. From then on and until I was pretty old that is all I thought it took to get pregnant! I remember being nervous to even sit on a couch next to a boy!

    T said:

    Nov. 25, 2012

    Oh let me tell you how stupid this is. I thought *EVERYONE* picked out their school clothes out of the sears and JCP catalogs, like me. I could not figure out how other girls had different clothes I hadn’t seen in the catalogs, because I studied each and every page of options and carefully made my selections. I was in the 6th grade before I realized people shop in stores. Gee thanks, mom.

      anonyvox said:

      Nov. 26, 2012

      Ha! That’s totally awesome. I have fond memories of the JCP and Sears catalogs. And how about Montgomery Ward?

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