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Junior Vox lost her two top front teeth in pretty quick succession–like, four or five days from losing one to the other. This is just in time for her 7th birthday on Thursday!

Top Teeth

We did not expect that she’d lose this one so fast, and we almost never keep cash around the house. So Mr. Vox the Tooth Fairy had to run to the gas station after we put her to bed so she could wake up to magic tomorrow.

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    Shelly said:

    Feb. 5, 2013

    S lost her front 2 teeth within a week of each other too. I’m guessing once the one goes, it eases up the second. I’ll be curious to see how fast Jr’s teeth grow in. It’s been 6 weeks since S lost her teeth and there is zero sign of them coming in. Which is fine, but I am absolutely in love with the gap-toothed look!! (not to mention loathe to see the big, scalloped edge teeth I know are coming)

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