Tonight is our little family Christmas celebration–Mr. Vox leaves at 0545 tomorrow morning to head to Wisconsin and spend his mom’s last lucid Christmas with her and the rest of his family. Her Alzheimer’s has moved so fast since they were here in August. At that point, I’d say she was present in her mind about 80% of the time. In the last four months, she’s now gone to where she’s unsure of who the people around her are, imagines people are in the room who aren’t, has forgotten how to dress herself correctly and wanders out of the house alone about 80% of the time.

It is past the point now where she needs to be in a facility with full-time care. Right now, Mr. Vox’s parents still live in the 3-story, 100 year-old house they bought 50 years ago, and they have home health come in two or three days a week. But last Sunday, Mr. Vox’s dad passed out in the foyer of their church as they were talking to someone. He was checked out by paramedics and released, and he acts like it was no big deal at all. Mr. Vox and his siblings know that it’s time for both of them to go to an assisted living center. I don’t know if the seven of them will be able to tag-team the issue and convince his dad that it is truly time to get help. I guess they checked out some assisted living cottages a couple of towns over from their home and they both liked them, but his dad has been the big hold-out.

In the meantime, Junior Vox and I will have a quiet 10 days or so while he is gone, and we will enjoy the company of friends as much as we can. We have plans for Christmas Eve, and my dad and my younger brother have both said they’re going to stop by on Christmas Day. (My younger brother called tonight to see “what the plan is” for Christmas. I explained that JV and I were sort of winging it and probably having Domino’s for dinner, and then asked if he’d gotten any of my messages about Thanksgiving. He said he hadn’t. Hm.) It will be strange not to have Mr. Vox there on Christmas morning, but I’m glad he’s got this opportunity to help out and spend a few days with his mom before she’s…gone…essentially.

And as far as the materialistic side of Christmas goes, I got Mr. Vox a Kindle Fire because he’s been coveting mine so badly, along with a few shirts and stuff, and JV got him an All About My Dad book from PaperCoterie. We put a bunch of pictures of he and JV into the photo-book template, and then when it arrived, JV got to answer a bunch of questions in the book like, “Why I love my dad,” “How my dad and I are different,” and “My dad makes me laugh when he…” She filled it all out in her own hand-writing, spelling errors included, and it made him all weepy. It’s a really great thing, and I highly recommend them for Father’s Day gifts and the like.

JV got to open a couple of presents from us, as “Santa” will be bringing her the bulk of her load on Tuesday. She got a pair of those Stompeez slippers (she wanted them desperately, god only knows why), a Barbie convertible for her dolls, and a Lego cabin set. She was quite thrilled with it all.

As for me, Mama’s getting a new tattoo! I got a gift certificate to A Mind’s Eye Tattoo here in town, and am excited to go book an appointment. I’m still working out the design and placement, and some of what I do will depend on pricing. If what I have in mind is expensive, then I might go with a smaller tattoo around my right wrist. If my idea is within budget, I’m going to get one done on the back of my neck, extending down to between my shoulder blades. I’ll keep you guys posted on that. In addition, I got a couple of new sweatshirts/fleeces and season five of The Big Bang Theory. Woot!

Merry early Christmas to you all. What are your plans?

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    Nat said:

    Dec. 20, 2012

    I’m sad to see Mr. Vox’s mom isn’t doing well. I’m sad for you & JV to miss him on Christmas morning; but I respect the reason. *hugs*!

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