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Apr. 6, 2012 5 Comments Posted under: Casa Anonyvox

We’ve been watching altogether too much HGTV lately. House Hunters and House Hunters International are a couple of our favorite shows and are playing in our living room almost every night. And the DIY Network has some pretty interesting shows, too.

There’s something about springtime that makes me start looking around the house and wondering what mischief I can get up to. Add this to the HGTV obsession, and it’s almost certain that one of these weekends will find me at Lowe’s with a handful of paint chips and a head full of dreams.

When we were in Colorado, we noticed that both my brother and Mr. Vox’s sister had put granite countertops in their repsective kitchens. I haven’t been that wowed by granite counters in the past, but from watching the shows, it seems like everyone wants them. I also think the finish work in a house makes a huge difference in how quickly it would sell, and so the upgrade could be a decent investment. Our current counters are Formica, so they’re pretty low-end. Isn’t this concrete counter with a farm sink pretty?

It would no doubt cost an arm and a leg, and I’m still paying off the arm and leg that it took to put laminate floors in the downstairs of our house last fall. So if I want to do some work, it’s got to be something that we can do ourselves, or something that I can at least brow-beat some talented friends into helping with.

So what’s a good DIY project that I can do this year? I have one little bit of painting to re-do in the kitchen/dining room area, but other than that, the walls are all in good shape, as are the floors. Also, any project I am involved in should not include a lot of measuring, much less anything resembling mathematical calculations, as I am hopeless with teh mathz.

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    Nat said:

    Apr. 6, 2012

    Paint. Color does wonders and can be changed again & again!

    Jodi said:

    Apr. 7, 2012

    Funny you should post about granite. I had a solid surface picked out for the new house and changed my mind – to laminate. It’s so easy to take care of. We’re also going with laminate for the floor, much easier than real wood. Thankfully, it’s also cheaper! We’re going to all low maintenance, but we don’t plan to sell either. Since most things in your house are in good shape, find something from Pintrest to make. A big clock or something you’d like to have! Then we want pictures!

    Nan said:

    Apr. 8, 2012

    Don’t be seduced by granite. It’s actually a horrible material — everyone assumes it’s super durable because it’s stone, but it stains and shatters fairly easily. It’s also going to be dated really fast because some of those stone colors are godawful dark and ugly — five years from now we’ll all be listening to house hunters on HGTV saying, “What, dark granite countertops? That’s something my parents had!”

    T said:

    Apr. 9, 2012

    There are different grades of granite with varying grades of hardness. And I would never do marble because that does stain. I’ve had both granite and laminate. I have laminate right now, and I cannot tell you how much i miss my granite countertops because there are no words that can express how much I loved them. I had granite tiles, because solid would have been astronomical in cost, although I wasn’t the one who originally installed it. I thought it was so easy to care for–spray on some sealer once a year, put some tunes on, and dance it all off while buffing away. It only took a little more wiping than just spraying it down and cleaning it after cooking. It was an amazing impression waking into the kitchen. Some day, I will have granite again. 15 years down the road. And yes, that picture of the concrete countertops was awesome! The granite I had didn’t stain, or trust me, with the tomato canning my hubby does, it would have been discolored, and it withstood him beautifully!

    Rita said:

    Apr. 10, 2012

    We watch entirely too much HGTV too. I love House Hunters International, I’ve always got 5 recorded to play while I’m working, ha! We’ve been itching for a project too, I think spring makes it worse. We are starting a garden. We had literally 1 ton of weeds to dig up and take to the dump, bought some wood for a raised bed and some seeds to start! I’m a little afraid that I’m just going to kill everything in it but it’s pretty fun so far.

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