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I find myself in a worrying mood tonight.  Among other things, I particularly worry about the situation with that damnable movie “The Innocence of Muslims.”  It sickens me that four people have died in protests directly linked to it, and the way these things go, more lives will probably be lost.

I read a really interesting article today about whether or not the filmmaker is actually protected under the First Amendment and at least one law scholar says, “Likely not.”  I find that to be a huge relief because I really don’t believe that people are free to say things that are likely to get other people killed.  I’m also relieved to hear that, in Egypt at least, arrest warrants have been issued for several of the Americans who created and promoted the film.

I don’t exactly get much, if any, web traffic from any of the Middle Eastern countries.  The tiny bits I do get, I assume come from corporations who are paying people to place spam comments on sites to increase search engine hits.  But I’ve been thinking these past few days about the circumstances surrounding this movie and the things I wish I could say to the world at large.  And since I’ve got my own website, here they are:

Based on what I have heard about the movie (I won’t dignify it by watching the trailer on YouTube), it’s full of hate and lies.  I don’t believe Muslim people and the Islam faith are horrible, nor do I believe that everyone in the faith hates Americans and the Western way of life.  Frankly, I don’t think I’m all that different from most people anywhere in the world:  I’m concerned about my family, I want a good life for them, and I don’t want harm to come to people.  While we hear about lots of violence in the media, no one reports about the average person out making a living in Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran who desperately wishes that the warfare and conflict would just stop so that they can get food on the table and get the kids to school.

If all of this were up to me, I’d be glad to hand over the people in charge of writing this garbage and promoting it.  If they’re that full of hate for anyone, I don’t want them around to poison our world.

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