On the Road Again

Dec. 4, 2012 4 Comments Posted under: Fiscal Vox, My Vox

I’m at a meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado for the next few days. Ah, meetings. {hurl} I question my career choices sometimes.

So one thing I realized about myself tonight: every time I go to a hotel, the first time I leave the room, I lock my key cards inside the room. It’s pretty much what I do. Then I stand there at the door, realize I just did it, and think, “Well, fuck it. I can get the hotel desk to give me another.” And they do, and life goes on. You’d think I would learn by now.

I’m kind of one of the more hapless travelers you will ever find. People (like Mr. Vox) will ask me when my flight leaves and I’ll say, “Hm. I don’t know.” He’ll say, “What flight are you on?” and I’ll reply, “Beats me.” Then he says, “Do you know what airline you’re flying?” and my answer is always, “Nope.” I figure all of that out the day before I leave. I mean, I make my reservations and everything, but that information does not stay in the permanent memory file. It really doesn’t ever even make it into the short-term memory. I just figure I’ve got an itinerary in my e-mail and I can look at it the day before the trip and go from there.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

Here’s another thing I just figured out, but this time not about myself: Hilton Honors used to give you free wifi access if you were enrolled in their program. I stay at a Hilton a couple of times a year and never really earn any big benefits, but free wifi is a good thing. I just had an e-mail today (coincidentally, since I’m travelling) that said they are now raising the bar for their Gold and Silver membership levels. You have to stay a minimum of 40 nights a year in a Hilton property to qualify. That’s over a month each year, or as we say it in my home land, “Fuck you, Hilton.” As I tried to log on to the wifi here tonight, I was having trouble. I noticed that the wifi registration page for Hilton Honors members says you must be a Gold or Silver member for free wifi access. Isn’t it interesting how language works, because in my home country, those words are ALSO synonymous with “Fuck you, Hilton.”

It’s a good thing that I have back-door routes through other technology I carry for work to get internet access. If I were traveling on my own dime and found I couldn’t get wifi right now, I’d be beyond pissed. I’d be plenty enough pissed that I’d forgo any Hilton properties that wanted to charge me for wifi and I’d stay at the nearest Choice property that doesn’t charge me for it, plus has a nice facility with a lower nightly rate. Dear Hilton Corporate Office: Cut Paris’s shoe allowance by 5% per annum and give your customers wifi. Y’hear me?

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    kathy said:

    Dec. 4, 2012

    Not that I’m a frequent or extensive traveler or anything, but I’ve noticed that the pricier hotels tend to not offer free wifi while cheaper properties almost always do. Seems like it would be the opposite, but there it is.

    And when I’m booking a room, free wifi is right at the top of the list of required amenities, right after clean and before free breakfast or pool.

    Kate said:

    Dec. 4, 2012

    Are you freakin kidding me? Hilton requires you to be a Gold member in order to get free wifi? That makes me never want to stay at a Hilton again. Fuck you Hilton, is right. Oh yeah, we come from the same homeland. ;)

    Also? Guess how far I’ve gotten on our on-line class? Aside from signing up for it, you mean? Nana. Nothing. Yep, because I’m excellent at follow-thru.

    Nan said:

    Dec. 7, 2012

    Back when I had to travel for work, one of the Choice hotels was always my first pick. Seemed like when I got stuck staying at a more expensive hotel, I always got a lot less than the cheaper places offered. That’s assuming there were real hotels/motels. Some of the parks I went to were in sufficiently out of the way places that just finding one on the FEMA list could be a challenge.

    Why on earth would Hilton make it hard to get at wifi when even McDonald’s offers it free?

    T said:

    Dec. 7, 2012


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