Well, while Pinterest is deeply diverting, there is a strong element of “Buyer Beware” involved in some of the postings. Craft ideas that look awesome are evidently photographed and performed by professional artisans; it’s also possible that I am incompetent. I submit to you as evidence:

The Clementine Candle

I tried this one this afternoon–we’d just bought a crate of clementine oranges at Fred Meyer and Junior Vox ate several, so I figured I’d give this a whirl. The pin would have you believe that you use one half of the orange’s peel as a candle base, fill it partway with olive oil, and light the little bit of membrane that divides the sections like a wick. Well I’ll be damned if I could get the damn thing to light. And where I thought the whole house would smell like a fresh orange, it ended up smelling like chicken. Go figure. Fail.

Another disappointment was the hair-curling method that involves making a sock bun. The sock bun itself is kind of cool–it makes a nice, big bun and it is really comfortable to wear, even to sleep in. However, the curls you see in the picture below? They totally don’t happen.

You end up with a big pouf of frizz. Instead, I prefer the no-heat method, as seen in the video below. It isn’t as comfortable as the sock bun, but you can wear the pre-curl style out of the house, and the curls turn out beautifully.

I had seen the hula hoop rug idea in the Disney Family Fun magazine (which is a GREAT magazine if you have kids under 10 in the house–lots of rainy day activities in there).

I have half a dozen hula hoops of varying sizes (because I am a badass hula hooper, believe it or not) and Mr. Vox has plenty of t-shirts to cut up for scrap, so I have made this project twice. The first time, I wove the shirts WAY too tightly, so I have a sort of Asian-inspired rice paddy hat made out of t-shirts. It’s not too useful. I made another one last week, and while it is better, it is still kind of bowl-shaped. I don’t know what you could do to fix it, frankly.

Here’s one Junior Vox and I tried this weekend: canvases “painted” by shaving crayons onto them, which are then gently ironed while protected with a sheet of wax paper.

See how the one in the picture looks like some kind of cool batik fabric? Ours don’t look anything at all like that. I have no idea how they got that effect; ours look like your seat covers after you’ve had a box of crayons sitting in the car on a hot summer day, where the greenhouse effect causes the inside temperature to get to 450 degrees. It’s a big, waxy blob.

So that’s how I’ve been livin’ with Pinterest in my life. I am still having a ball with it. It’s better to try and fail than never try at all, right? And whether anyone reads them or not, I do re-pin the projects I have tried and have given them a review. Maybe that’ll help weed out the failures–I don’t know.

What about you? If you’re on Pinterest, have you made anything you’ve found there? How’d it turn out?

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    Shelly said:

    Nov. 21, 2011

    Light up clementine? Really? Huh.

    I made my first recipe from Pinterest and it was okay. But then, I’m not really a fabulous cook so there is that. I’m making a wildly popular Pinterest recipe for Thanksgiving dessert so there is huge opportunity for failure.

    Jodi said:

    Nov. 21, 2011

    That crayon thing – we used to do that when we were kids, only we just used 2 pieces of waxed paper. I bet the way they got the separate colors was to let one color completely cool before doing the next. Otherwise, you usually end up with a picture of avacado green and brown all mixed together. Funny how a box of crayons makes those two colors.

    Leilani said:

    Nov. 21, 2011

    ooooh! Love the hairband curls. Can’t wait to try on the girls.

    Jane said:

    Nov. 22, 2011

    Q and P made those wax crayon iron things at VMS awhile back. Q’s turned out like a blob but P’s was decent. I think he put his shavings on thinner and more spaced out compared to Q.

    Heather - CraftFail said:

    Jan. 17, 2012

    I agree with you about the “buyer beware” aspect! Do you still have any of these fails? I would love to see a photo of, say, the rice paddy hat, and the crayon art. I would LOVE to feature them on craftfail.com (we are a friendly fail site! no calling people out – & we will link & credit, of course). Let me know what you think! heather@craftfail.com

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