One of the things I asked for and received for Christmas was the fifth season of “The Big Bang Theory.” Mr. Vox and I have been watching season by season, snozzling a glass of port and watching a couple episodes a night here and there for the last year or so. We actually hung on to the last episode of season four for well over a year, knowing that we would have to otherwise wait for our fix and didn’t want to be left with a cliff-hanger. So we waited, the whole season came out on DVD, and tonight we watched that last episode of the fourth season and the first episode of the fifth.


It used to be that watching an episode of a show didn’t mean that you had to seriously consider beforehand how much of your life you were willing to dedicate to the entire show, should you find you actually enjoyed it. You could watch an episode, maybe miss the next few weeks, and then catch whatever one you were able to. It wasn’t like you’d miss a whole storyline.

But then Tivo was invented and everything went to fuck. Writers figured out (I’m looking at you, Shondra Rimes and “Grey’s Anatomy”) that they could make a weekly cliffhanger hurt so bad that you’d sooner have a kidney transplant without anesthesia, if it meant that your operation was scheduled at the same time Meredith and McDreamy crossed paths again in the cafeteria at Seattle Grace. That is, unless you had Tivo. That was the only way your sorry ass could handle missing one freaking minute of your television show. So you got Tivo, recorded the whole season, and the writers could the plots increasingly complex. Before long, you couldn’t start watching a show, not even a sitcom, in the middle of a season. Forget about picking it up at the start of the next season, oh hell no. You have to get the DVDs and get all caught up with the backstory now. Can you imagine what humanity would have become if this had happened when “Days of Our Lives” was still on? (It’s not still on, is it?) You’d have like 46 years worth of DVD seasons lined up.

Right now, the Vox family is engaged in watching the following shows regularly:

The Big Bang Theory
Doctor Who (but are only caught up through the first half of the first Matt Smith season)

That’s it. That means that we have several more seasons of Doctor Who to watch before we can even open up the time in our schedule to allow a new show in. I’ve already got “Sherlock” earmarked for that timeframe. What about you guys?

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    kathy said:

    Jan. 8, 2013

    I’ve been trying not to start too many scripted shows for just that reason. We watch Big Bang Theory and I like How I Met Your Mother, and the kids and I watch Doctor Who (but only on Amazon Prime streaming, since we don’t get BBCAmerica). And the new season of Downton Abbey just started. Otherwise, I’m completely addicted to Food Network and HGTV shows, but none of those are too big a deal if I miss one.

    Lately, though, I have been stuck on some of the History Channel specials–The Men Who Built America and Mankind, the Story of All of Us are both good, but having the DVR helps tremendously with those. And the boys and I are looking forward to the Vikings in March (and also the Bible–not because we’re believers, but I’m going to make them watch it because I think they should at least know what’s in it, in terms of understanding the culture in which we live).

    And having written all that out, I watch too much tv. I should really be spending that time working–it isn’t like I don’t have enough to do with the dissertation and teaching.

    Jenb said:

    Jan. 9, 2013

    This is very timely. I just watched season 1 episode 1 of Downton Abbey last night. I figure it will be an episode a night for quite a while. We DVR shows, but I have found that most shows are available to watch on the network website, so if I miss something I can usually catch up on the episodes there. But I have to say I guess that I like following the serial shows. I was going to list the shows we DVR, but then got embarrassed at how many there are. We watch too much TV!

      anonyvox said:

      Jan. 10, 2013

      I’m a little bit curious about “Downton Abbey” because I know many credible people who really love it. But I’ve been burned in the past by English television that was just too obscure for me. And don’t worry about watching too much TV–that will come to a screeching halt for you very soon.

    Leilani said:

    Jan. 10, 2013

    We are hooked on all the gold shows. Gold Rush. Bering Sea gold. Bamazon and one more I can’t think of the name of. Last weekend we actually bought day passes to the gym in GV so we could go down and wAtch the new episodes as we don’t have tv in GV. We got down there and they didn’t have the discovery channel! Horror of horrors we had to wait and watch it on Sunday when we got home.

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